Alice 2


Megan worked absolute wonders with my wardrobe. I thought I needed to spend hundreds of dollars on new winter clothes, but in a couple of hours we halved my items of clothing, but I felt like I had twice as many outfit choices. She saw new combinations that I never would have thought of and gave new life to items that existed in my wardrobe. I ended up with a de-cluttered, refreshed wardrobe and a much healthier bank account! – Alice




Jenna 2Before my consultation with Megan my wardrobe was crowded with clothes that confused me and most of the time left me feeling self conscious. After meeting Megan I discovered the pride and joy she takes in her own wardrobe, which gave me the confidence that I had chosen to work with the right person. After learning ‘less is best’ we got rid of the clothes that were not only wrong on my shape, but I never really liked either. I used to hate shopping! I would always buy things on impulse and never get anything I’d end up wearing. But I soon discovered exactly what styles and colours suited me best. Megan helped me create a wardrobe that worked for me and showed me what clothes to wear that instantly made me feel more confident! Now I love to shop and I’m so much more aware of what is right for me. – Jenna