Secrets of a Stylist: How To Plan Your Next Wardrobe

Hey Ladies! I thought it was time to speak more in depth about how I plan my capsule wardrobes. It’s not always an easy task trying to create a wardrobe that works together but has enough diversity to create plenty of outfits. This post is a ‘How To’ based on my personal process, it covers how I find inspiration and the planning involved. Pretty much everything that needs to be thought about when putting together a new wardrobe.

Get Inspired:

I’ve learnt that research is the key to developing a concept for a great end product. During this first phase I spend time gathering pictures for inspiration. Pinterest is my favourite tool to use for this phase.

  • I look through my favourite blogs and go crazy pinning outfits that I like.
  • I look on my favourite shopping websites and pin items that I like.
  • I go to the shops and see what’s around to get more inspiration (noting items that I’d like in my wardrobe)


The next phase is when I review my collection of inspiration. I look to see if there is a common theme amongst my inspiration pictures. It could be a similar style, colour way, or mood. If you look at my pins you might notice that I use descriptive words in the comments, for example  ‘Elegant & monochromatic’. This helps me in my review stage when I’m trying to create a cohesive concept. I then pick out these common themes and whittle them down to create a mood board that I will use as a reference when I’m shopping for new items.

Mood Board:

This is my mood board for my autumn capsule. As you can see I’ve typed the main ideas, that I like from the pictures. I’m not looking to copy these outfits, I’m merely using them as inspiration for creating my own looks.

 Mood Board


Your list of specifications helps you to stay on track, so that you buy clothes that relate to your lifestyle. Think about the activities you spend the most time doing, and that will help you define what you need.

My specification for my Autumn Capsule are pretty simple. I want my capsule to cover three different functions.
1. Super casual, comfortable home clothes.
2. Day wear that’s not quite so casual.
3. Night wear that can be more dressy.

Often meeting these three categories at once is as simple as having 1 comfy pair of pants, a top with unique/funky detail, and some dressier shoes. That way taking an outfit from ‘casual at home wear’ to ‘day wear’ and then to ‘night wear’ is as easy as changing accessories and/or an item of clothing.

Create a shopping list:

When you are ready to hit the shops, being really specific is the key. After looking at my existing clothes, I write a list of items that will help me create the outfits/looks that I’m after.

This was my list:
  • Comfy Black Pants with pockets.
  • Grey Stretch Denim Pants
  • Colour Jumper
  • White/Grey Crop Jumper
  • Black Short Skirt
  • Black Ankle Boots with a lower/comfortable heel.
  • Nude Ankle Boots with a casual look.
  • Pattern button up shirt for layering.
  • Navy Striped top

I make sure to include as much variation as possible. e.g not all pants, not all dresses, no sweater the same colour or style. And I look to include a few different fabric textures so that the outfits I create have more visual interest.

And that’s it. Time to go shopping! Keep calm. Stick to your budget.