How To Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Collage copy


Seriously, take everything out of your cupboards and draws. Pick up 1 thing at a time and decide which of these four piles it should go into.

1. The ‘Love’ pile.

I’m sure this is self explanatory… But make sure you really like these pieces & feel comfortable in them! Would you wear it right now? Would you go out in public in this?

2. The ‘Maybe’ pile.

This one is a little more difficult. You don’t want to get rid of it, but it’s not really anything amazing. Perhaps it’s just something you’re holding onto for sentimental reasons, or perhaps because you once loved it, or it was really expensive.

3. The ‘Donate’ pile.

This is for the items that are still in good enough condition to wear, but that you just don’t like anymore.

4. The ‘Rubbish’ pile.

Anything that is past its best. Pilled cardi’s, laddered stockings, clothes that have shrunk, anything with a stain you can’t get out. Something that is broken beyond repair. You get it.

5. Fill your wardrobe again.

Once you’ve got four piles, only put the things in your ‘Love’ pile back into your drawers/wardrobe.

Tip! If you've kept any items that need cleaning/repairing get this done ASAP. Or they may as well go in your maybe pile, because you'll never end up wearing them.


Shopping Accessories

This is the fun part! But first, have a play around with the items already in your newly refined wardrobe. How many ways can you style each piece? How many different outfits can you come up with? At this point I’d recommend that you avoid the shops for at least a week or so. This gives you time to live with what you’ve got and really figure out which important pieces might be missing. This way anything you buy will only be adding value to your wardrobe, not just a dent in your pocket. This is also the point that you may want to retrieve a couple of your ‘maybe’ items if they help you create more outfit combinations.

When you do buy new pieces, make sure that a) you think this item is amazing b) it can be worn 3 different ways with items you already own. This will help you spend your money wisely and create an interchangeable and interesting wardrobe to select from.


Be really tough

If you don’t love the piece then it’s not going to be the first thing you pull out and you probably wont wear it. Why take up precious space with something you’re not completely sold on?

Maybe Box

Put all your ‘maybe’ items in a box and store it in a place that is out of sight but easy enough to access if you need it. Under the bed is a good place.

Be Realistic

Take a look at your lifestyle. Does the bulk of your wardrobe need to be day wear? Do you spend a lot of time going out at night? Are you more casual? Or do you get dressed up a lot? This will help you break down what sort of clothes need to make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Be realistic about it and acknowledge what you like wearing on a regular basis.

Be True to Yourself

Know your style, develop it and stick to it. If you stay true to your own preferences you will always have a wardrobe that works. Personal style is worth a whole other post but here are some key things to think about: What colours do you like? Textures? Pattern? Fabrics? And how do you like combining each of these things? If you don’t know the answer’s just look at your wardrobe and you may notice there’s a pattern.