I’m Megan, Image Consultant and small business owner.

This is where you can find out more about me. How I got into Image Consulting and a small (or long, if you don’t like reading) insight into my personality.


How did I become and Image Consultant?

The arts have always captivated my imagination. From a young age I enjoyed dancing and creating, which developed into a love of design, architecture and fashion. Years of experimenting with my personal image led to a greater interest in personal style, especially colour theory. After a year of self-directed research, I decided to train as a colour consultant and began my study with The New Zealand Fashion Academy.

In 2013 I qualified as an Image Consultant and worked with some lucky friends and family members, whilst juggling exciting life events such as buying a house, getting married and raising a puppy. I’m passionate about making style easy and fun for everyone. I know first-hand that you don’t need a lot of money or a huge wardrobe to be stylish. In fact, having a wardrobe you love is easy, it only requires a little planning and direction!

A Whole Lot Of Personal Stuff – Just In Case You Really Want To Know

I like to think that I’m an honest, happy and calm person MOST of the time. But anyone who spends enough time with me will know that I tend to get over-excited about the little things, my voice get’s high pitched and I might jump around a bit… but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that – it’s called loving life! The most cherished things in my life aren’t things at all, they’re people. And my relationships with my family and friends are super important to me.

Everyday I love eating good food, lifting weights (I may look small but I’m kind of strong) and dancing – even if it’s just around my house! Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy/balanced lifestyle is something that makes me feel all shiny (like a Diamond!) not shiny with sweat – just in case you were wondering ;-)

I’m a dreamer and often speak before I think OR I spend so long thinking that I don’t speak at all. I like to see the best in people – especially when they can’t see it themselves. And like everyone, I am flawed. But imperfection is what makes us human, unique and interesting. And I believe that’s something to be celebrated!

I will always hold a special place in my heart for good stories, which means I treasure my down time. I love curling up with a book, or settling down to watch a movie. I enjoy stories that make me laugh and I enjoy stories that make me cry. If it can make me laugh and cry (not really that hard) it’s a winner! I love fairy tales, and my three guilty pleasures are: Re-reading Harry Potter, listening to Taylor Swift and eating chocolate.