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Hey guys! Something interesting has happened to me at this stage in my Capsule Wardrobe experience. It’s winter now, which means that I should be starting to gather ideas and pieces for my Winter Capsule wardrobe. The thing is; I’m not actually missing anything. And I really don’t feel like […]

Autumn Capsule 19 – The Last Outfit Post

When I go out at night, I like to find the right balance between dressed up and street style casual. It’s important to make an effort and feel good about yourself, but you don’t want to feel over dressed or like you tried to hard. This outfit was the perfect […]

Autumn Capsule 18 – Dinner Night Outfit

There are just some combinations that always work. The classic rules, that are equally as bold as they are timeless. I’m talking about red accents. It’s a colour that always makes a statement, but it does so in a classy and elegant way. Just like red lips, red accessories pack […]

Autumn Capsule 17 – Pops Of Red

Walking. Walking. And more Walking. I knew that my weekend would revolve around a lot of walking but I didn’t want to look like I was on my way to or from the gym. I wanted to figure out a stylish way to get around comfortably. This outfit was worn […]

Autumn Capsule 16 – Weekend Getaway Part 3

Another packing problem I’ve experience over the years is that I’d feel either underdressed or overdressed for any given situation. And while I think that developing my capsule wardrobe has helped me eliminate this problem, it’s still something to pay careful attention to when you’re packing for a trip.

Autumn Capsule 15 – Weekend Getaway Part 2

Hey Lovelies, I hope your week’s going well so far. This post is the 1st of a 3 part segment, following the outfits I wore during my weekend away in Wellington the other week. I’ll talk packing tips and travel outfits, with sensible tricks and tips. Ok! Lets go.

Autumn Capsule 14 – Weekend Getaway Part 1